Function of Education in Shaping the World

function of education in shaping the world

First and foremost, the concept of function of education as an institution has been conceptualized by a wide range of educators and academics. But there is one thing that all of these things have in common: education is extremely helpful in correct communication and in emancipating oneself from bondage via knowledge of one’s rights.


Because education is light and helps correct whatever is awful, it enlightens the individual so that they can perceive the light. This indicates that it is an accurate tool that can be used to modify the decadence of this planet in order to make it a better place for all of us to live free from fear and anguish.

Function of education in shaping the world

At this point, I would describe education as the accumulation of all the beneficial experiences that a person is presented with from the day they are born until the day they pass away. This span of time encompasses their entire life. This is the crux of the matter; we anticipate that the person in question will only share pleasant memories, but the reality is that the good and the bad are inextricably linked.


If everything has to be done every day, then a good citizen will make sure to stick to the positive experiences. In spite of this, there will always be people who develop and persist in having bad experiences, even when nothing about the situation is typical. Because of this, many around the world do not think it is acceptable nowadays.

Function of education on individual and society as a whole

In what aspect of the current status of the world does it make sense to strengthen our focus? The elderly of today are in a unique position to be able to contrast the state of the world in the past with the state of the world in the present. A good many of them even feel bad about having to watch all of the evil that is occurring right now. There will be some of this decadence that is tallied and talked about:

  • A lack of respect: It is common knowledge that the younger person is expected to respect the authority of the older one. It is not an attempt to seize someone else’s rights but rather done out of respect. Even the holy scriptures witness the fact that one should show respect to the elderly or those with white hair. In the world that we live in or the society that we have today, a lack of respect has gained control, and as a result, the entire world has been flipped on its head.
    There is no respect shown between the students and their instructors; there is no respect shown between the children and their parents; there is no respect shown between the servants and their employers, and so on. This respect that I’m expressing is simply for having healthy relationships with one another in order to coexist peacefully for the benefit of everyone.
    You may be confident that the student will one day become the instructor and that the person serving you today will become your boss. As a result, given the lack of respect that exists in the world today, what does the future have in store for us?
  • Overexposure to negative aspects of technology: Just about everything in life has both positive and negative aspects, as was mentioned at the beginning of this article; however, there is someone who could be exposed to it at every age; as a result of their age, they will be able to deal with it and make positive use of it. There is no question that we live in a technologically advanced world; nevertheless, the question is whether or not we are limited by age. No. Today.
    There have been a lot of sites launched recently that are just for adults. The owners or controllers of such things will place a tag and an instruction stating that the content is only intended for adults or a specific age range. They will ask the viewer to tap on the tag to determine whether or not they are eligible to access the content. How do we determine whether or not the viewer meets the requirements? The content owner was only trying to avoid the consequences of breaking the law, but in doing so, they have harmed future generations. Hunn!!!
  • The sloth of a large portion of our population, particularly our young people. A significant portion of today’s youth is chronically unmotivated. They have a desire for the luxuries of the world, but they are not prepared to earn them by blood, sweat, and toil. The dignity that should be associated with strenuous labor has been steadily diminished in our cultures.
    It is a well-established principle that “whatever we labor for is what will succeed in the hand of someone else.” Many young people have been over-pampered, spoon-fed, and even spoiled as a result of adults doing things for them that they ought to be responsible for doing on their own. As a result, the world is raising a generation that is too reliant on technology; the question is, “What will tomorrow be as a result of this?”
  • Fraudulent methods of life: Our society is full of many vices, one of which is the practice of obtaining wealth through fraudulent means and enjoying a lavish lifestyle while having no other reasonable source of income but tricking people in order to make a living.
    This is still a component of sloth, a lack of dignity in labor, and excessive exposure to technology at a young age before one has a firm grasp on what it means to have a life.
  • A lack of appropriate background knowledge driven society: Often, people are continually looking for a shortcut to success without worrying about the implications for the family or society at large. Many people think education is a complete waste of time and also believe that the time has passed when we could say things like,

    If you think education is expensive, try ignorance

    Robert Orlan

    Many people today are less interested in gaining knowledge and more interested in finding shortcuts that would lead them to success. This sends a negative signal to the present time, and there is no point in discussing the future at this point because the future is already here with us.

  • Drug addiction: In the world, we live in today, the use of drugs has progressed into new and more hazardous forms. Many people who had high hopes for themselves and wanted to carry on their families’ traditions of bravery and honor have become addicted to drugs and are unfit to represent their families to the outside world.
    They have developed a mental illness, an unhealthy dependence on their parents, and become a burden on society. Where do you anticipate taking us?

Effective Function of Education

The purpose of education is to restore sanity and make up for any error that might have been made.

  • Education for value, respect, and civil knowledge ought to be incorporated into and taught effectively in schools at all levels and all parts of the world. Not only should they be included in the curriculum, but they should also be appropriately taught in a good environment in order to alter the narrative and the value of respect and the dignity of man.
  • Every parent should make sure that their children are only exposed to content that is appropriate for their age when using various forms of technology. A stringent censor should also be placed by the government at all levels, and different methods of verifying the identity of the person accessing the materials should be developed.
    However, there is still work to be done by the parents, and the school ought to underline the significance of the aim of using one time wisely.

    The school curriculum should be significantly expanded and include additional activities to encourage students to employ constructive rather than destructive uses of technology.

  • Education should also be geared towards recognition of excellence and gains inherent in the knowledge-driven people of old and emphasize more on them to serve as role models for the power of this generation and work more on positive discoveries that can put their names on the guineas book is record forever for a positive thing.

    Education should also be geared towards recognizing the excellence and gains inherent in the knowledge-driven people of old. Courses in schools that educate students on the dangers of misusing drugs should be required to meet the requirements for inclusion in the curriculum, and these courses should be taught at all levels.


In conclusion, the function of education in remaking the world and eradicating vices is something that cannot be overstated. If we want to live in a world conducive to the well-being of all its inhabitants, society as a whole must de-emphasize the acknowledgment and celebration of wealth obtained dishonestly.