Facebook Ads Ban | 9 Quick Solutions

Facebook Ads Ban

Facebook Ads ban

It’s the worst experience anyone could have as a Facebook user. It’s very annoying that many people get their Facebook ad accounts banned on a regular basis. In this piece, I’ll go over some of the reasons Facebook might suspend your ads account and what you can do to keep that from happening.

  1. Moving too fast

    Moving at an excessively quick pace is a common error made by many people. They open a company manager account within a day, build an ads account, fund it, construct a page, and begin running an ad inside the same 24 hour period.

    This shouldn’t be the case at all. You are teaching the Facebook algorithm to view you as someone who is interested in doing things that will be detrimental to the experience of their users, which the company places a high value on
    Moving more slowly is one approach to this problem. Don’t try to put in everything in less than a day. In order for the algorithm to recognize you as a valuable advertiser, it is recommended that you carry out each step in succession within a span of one week.

  2. Not warming up your ads account

    In this circumstance, you open a fresh ads account and immediately begin running ads with a new page. This is referred to as “not warming up your account.”
    Before beginning to run your regular ads, you should ideally let a fresh account “warm up” for three to four days by running advertisements with a variety of objectives, such as running advertisements for page likes, engagement, and other similar goals.

  3. Using content (pictures or videos) that has been plagiarized and it’s been used by a large number of other people

    Affiliates and network marketers alike are all guilty of making this error. Using images and videos that have been used by a large number of other individuals may result in the account being banned.
    The practice of network marketing is not supported on Facebook. Therefore, if you utilize photos and videos that a large number of other people have already used, the system will identify you as a network marketer.
    The solution is to design your images and produce your videos. Learn how to use Canva to design your images. And learn video editing.

  4. Ads spend limit

    People who have a lot of money to run an ads sometimes make the error of exceeding the allowed ad spend limit. If your daily limit for spending on ads is, for instance, 200 dollars, and you aim to spend 500 dollars on the same day, Facebook will view you as someone who wants to outsmart the system.
    Stay inside the allotted budget for your ads.
    My recommendation, if you have a substantial sum of money available to spend on ads, is that you create many accounts for ads and put money into each one. In each of them, you need to check that your spending stays below the limits of your ad spend limit.
    Take into consideration that in the company manager, you will only be able to access two ad accounts if you are new to Facebook ad. In the case that the business manager is old, you are free to set up many accounts.

  5. Low Page Quality

    If the quality of your page is extremely poor, Facebook may ban you for that reason. Check to see that your page does not breach any of the policies that Facebook has in place. You can examine the quality of your page by navigating to settings, selecting page settings, and then scrolling down until you see page quality. Click on it.

  6. Landing Page or Website Domain

    Your website’s domain name is yet another factor that could lead to the suspension of your advertisements account on Facebook. Your website’s domain name should ideally end with a well-known ending such as .com, .edu, .org, or one of the many others available.

  7. Multiple Domains in Your Facebook Ad Account

    Facebook will ban your ads account if it detects that you are using multiple domain names within a single advertising account. Each ads account should only have one domain name associated with it.

  8. IP Address

    This is the worst-case situation about your IP address. If Facebook has blocked your IP address, you will not be able to create new accounts on the platform unless you access it through a virtual private network (VPN) or the anonymous browsing mode of your web browser. You might also get a new browsing device (phone, laptop and so on).

  9. Negative feedback

    Negative feedback is something that may occur if you have previously run ads. In the event that users respond negatively to your ads, Facebook will prevent them from being seen to a wider audience and may even terminate your ads account and remove your page.
    Be sure that the ads you run will result in good comments from users. This will prevent you from Facebook ads ban and will also increase the number of people who see your ads and decrease the amount of money you spend on ads on Facebook.