How Should a Center for Teaching and Learning Look Like

center for teaching and learning

In my opinion, there should be a standardization for a center for teaching and learning…


Teaching can be defined as impacting ideas, instruction, content, message, information, and so on from a person called or referred to as a teacher. At times, the content of instruction can also be delivered by non-humans, such as books and technology products like radio, television, computers, etc. But in all, teaching involves delivering content to learners through which the effects are meant to be felt.

Actors in the teaching and learning center

Teaching requires techniques, methods, and strategies if the time used will be well-spent. All these qualities are expected to be possessed by the teacher because it is always said that a nation can not grow beyond the qualities of its teachers. This implies that teaching should be of high quality and delivered in an atmosphere conducive to both the teacher and the learner, who is the receiver.


Moreover, learning is a permanent change in behavior after the learner’s exposure to specific experiences under the authority or guidance of the teacher. Through the learner, the teacher’s effort would be evaluated. Then, the learner must be placed in a conducive environment to acquire and retain a more significant percentage of whatever the teacher must have passed through.

Teaching and learning are effective communication processes, and commutation is a two-way information process. Still, it must be identified that it is only possible for the learner to assimilate some of what the teacher has passed across to the learner because of what we refer to as noise in the communication process. This noise is a sort of disturbance that could be physical or psychological in nature.

The perfect environment for a center for teaching and learning

The environment where teaching and learning are taking place otherwise called the center for teaching and learning should be conducive for free flow of the content from the teacher to his recipient. When the environment is not palatable for the two actors in the process, there is the presence of physical noise that will automatically reduce the passage of the content for the teacher to the learner.

Therefore, for effective teaching and learning to occur, the center where it takes place must be of certain qualities. Effective teaching and learning are only taking place when such qualities are met. The purpose is systematically defeated, and no matter how, the students will move on but with low-quality of mental and academic development.


This poses a great danger to the future of any nation and the world at large. Following are some qualities a center for teaching and learning should unconditionally possess:

  • Learner-friendly environment: the environment where teaching and learning are taking place should be inviting, especially to the learner. Though, this goes according to the age group of the learners. For the children or pupils in the kindergarten and other lower school sets up, the painting of the environment should be colorful and attractive to the pupils, which will always make them feel at home. But for older learners, this point may need to be reckoned with.
    Still, at the same time, the environment should also be inviting and free of any foul odor, if not a total concentration of the learners, no matter the age group would be divided, and there would be a reduction in the level of assimilation. The environment and the center should also be conducive in terms of temperature.
    In an environment where the teacher and the learners are not comfortable as a result of temperature, either too hot or too cold. Then, there is a presence of noise, and there will be a divided interest: coping with cold or warmth while struggling to assimilate the instruction content.
    Every individual can efficiently perform a task to the best of their ability at a time. When the situation is like this, actual teaching and learning can’t occur.
  • Furthermore, the environment should be within the natural habitat; I mean nature filled area with well-trimmed grasses and a completely neat environment. Considering the number of likely learners, the exchange of gases is highly important.
    This is why green grasses are so important as a quality of how a teaching and learning center should look like. Trimming the grasses and flowers should be a regular thing for maintaining the environment.

In addition, the safety of the location of the center for teaching and learning is paramount. Anywhere someone is, and they are not sure of their safety, such a person cannot bring the best out of that environment. The safety here connects both where the delivery is taking place and the outside environment surrounding the center or the school.

In an environment where teaching and learning are situated, and safety is if concern, it is not a bad idea to reinforce the security personnel to serve as support so that the teacher and the learner will be able to put in their best to achieve the purpose of the center. Likewise, the center for teaching and learning should be open to a place where distractions are paramount, such as a market, busy sporting arena, motor parks, and the like.

All of those mentioned above will distract the process of teaching and learning. Nevertheless, the place should also have relaxation centers, such as spotting arenas for exercises that are being regulated.

Suggested practices in having a good center for teaching and learning

For effective teaching and learning to occur, there should be provision and proper utilization of instructional aids called instructional materials or resources. The center should be well equipped with adequate instructional aids according to the content that is being delivered at the moment.

These aids will lessen the time the teacher will use to achieve his set objectives, and they will also make the learners assimilate with ease and make the learning more permanent.

center for teaching and learning
People in a learning center.

Unity of purpose is another vital thing; both the instructor and the learners should come to the same point of knowing why they are at the center; the teacher or the instructor should make his stand known to the learners so that none will do contrary to the set rules. This means there should be rules of engagement between the two parties.

Each to know his boundary and the way and manner of communication while in class. In the school system, this is referred to as rules and regulations, and each instructor should set up his own according to what will help him achieve his objectives.

These rules and regulations should be spelled out before the start of the process for understanding. More so, the teacher serves as a driver while the learners are like passengers. Many times in school, the students need to learn where they are heading because only the teacher sets the learning objectives.

This is normal according to the scheme he has to cover, but before delivery, the learners should be made to know what they want to achieve within the given time. The implication is that the teacher should allow the learners to know the set objectives before the complete delivery of the content so that each learner can decide if he is really on track or not. This will also make the process to be smooth for the two parties.


In conclusion, of the few points outlined that could be catered for in the center for teaching and learning, the level of assimilation and success of the program will be very high. For effective communication to occur, the center for teaching and learning volva both the inside and the outside of the center.